Marco Giordano

Marco Giordano

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First Name * Marco
Last Name * Giordano
Username * giordi
Country * United Kingdom
City London
Nationality Italian
Languages EnglishItalian


Current Position Rigger
Areas of Expertise VFX
Preferred Tools RiggingscriptingMELPythonbasic c maya plugin programmingbasic pyQtbody mechanincs animation




Hi, my name is Marco Giordano, I was born on may 24th 1991 in Torino (Italy ) and I graduated on july 6th 2011.

Since I was a kid I was amazed at disney cartoons, I started creating crappy videos with Windows Movie Maker and I always tried to do better. So i used Adobe After Effect and i still felt limited, i really wanted create stuff that doesn't exist, so I started using Autodesk Maya.

I started with a basing concept in every field like modelling, texturing,lighting and so on, but I fell in love with animation and rigging.

While still in highschool I was working as freelance for some commercial videos or a tv series teaser.I'm also attending animation school by Jason Ryan .

Right after graduating as a surveior in Torino, I got hired at Rainbow Spa in Rome in orderd to work at the 5th series of Winx Club, then started working on the features movie : Gladiators of Rome (date of relese october 2012)